Chewie’s – A Strong Contender for London’s Best Latte!

This is Chewie’s, a café on Haverstock Hill, Belsize Park that serves coffee, tea, organic food and salads and lots of delicious homemade cakes! Most importantly, they make really great tasting coffee. It’s a friendly, spacious café with an abundance of seating and an open garden; it has reasonable prices and great looking food.

I went there last week and tried a caramel latte. It was smooth, creamy and ever so heavenly. It hit the right spot between the coffee and caramel taste. And I really look forward to visiting there again for my next caramel latte!

I also tried a raspberry buttercream cupcake, which was equally as nice.

To rate the latte, I will give it 4 ½ stars. At the moment caramel is there only flavour, so there is not much choice. But it is still a great coffee place for caramel flavour lattes.

Read the criteria for the search for London’s best latte here: Search for london’s Best Latte


3 thoughts on “Chewie’s – A Strong Contender for London’s Best Latte!

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