How I Got A Food Coma

A student problem: too tired to go food shopping, the supermarket is up a hill, you’re too sweet to “borrow” a trolley and food is too heavy to carry uphill on your back and besides, the last time you did that you got muscle cramp in your shoulder that lasted for days afterwards.

A student solution: go out for breakfast, of course! But be sensible, eat cheap and eat well so you can stock up before having to go out again in search of food.

Those London Students did just that this morning. We went to The Diner, an American style restaurant with 5 locations around London. We went to the one in Camden and had some lovely food. The restaurant has a great atmosphere; we sat in booths and tried to comprehend the waitresses’ American accents. It was very authentic!

Bryonie had: a latte, a pistachio milkshake (which was heavenly!), hash browns, a breakfast burrito (cheese omelette, tomato in a tortilla wrap, served with black beans and guacamole) and a poached egg.

Vimbai had: fresh orange juice, a stack of plain pancakes and sausages.

It was a very filling breakfast. We were both in a state of food related coma afterwards. Timeout describes the price as  “budget choices”. However, it certainly is not budget food for a student! But for central London, the quality and taste of the food, and the fact that we probably won’t eat again until dinner now, it was very worth the price.

Vimbai even said she could “live there”. Go to The Diner for brunch, it’s lovely food!


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