A night in Malaysia in London

They say the best way to discover a culture is to try out its cuisine, right or have I just made that up? Either way, true or not, it’s something we here at Those London Students subscribe to. So despite our far from empty stomachs thanks to our late breakfast at the Diner, we decided to check out the Malaysia Night in Trafalgar Square to try and get a taste of Malaysia. Sponsored by the Malaysia Kitchen, it certainly didn’t disappoint. There was a wide selection of food from strange looking fruit, to watermelons that looked too good to eat (and probably were just for decoration but as my mother says, if it’s edible then I’m sure you can eat it eventually), traditional Malaysian cakes and a good old curry. Sadly we couldn’t try all the food that was on offer, but what we settled on were more than enough to give us a glimpse of traditional Malaysian cuisine.

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