Nine ways to document your time at university

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Your time at university is supposed to be the best time of your life so it’s only right that you document them. But what’s the best way to document it? Well we here at TLS have scoured the internet and our brains for some cool and fun ways to document your time at university…


1. Blogging: Blogging is free, cheap and there are so many blogging platforms to use such as tumblr, wordpress and posterous. Not only is it easy but it’s a great way to keep your thoughts, pictures, videos and so on in one place. And with so many blogging platforms offering apps for your phone, you can blog on the move whenever inspiration strikes.  Also, having a blog could be a way to keep in contact with your family; send them a link to your blog and they’ll be able to keep track of what you’re up to.

2. Micro-blogging: Now this might sound a bit strange but you could consider using twitter. The 140 characters limit on twitter means that you’d have to keep your message short and sweet but the relative ease and speed of twitter means you could twitter every where you went, offering you a chance to look back at your tweets and see a quick snap shot of your year. But if twitter is not for you, you could try 280daily which gives you 280 characters each day to sum up your day.

3. A good old paper journal: I used a paper journal throughout my first year at university and I can’t recommend it enough. You can do what I did and challenge yourself to writing every day even if it was just a sentence or a word so that that way you’ll be able to see exactly what you did on a specific day. The great thing about a paper journal is that it is tangible, you don’t need a working internet connection, just your mind, a pen and the journal itself.


1. Project 365: There are so many photo projects out there to try and use to document a year but one of the best is Project 365. The basic aim of Project 365 is to take a picture every day for a year. It can be a picture of anything from your meal, to what you wore that day, to the way the sky looked.  This is one of my favourite ways to document a year because at the end it gives you a chance to look back at your accomplishments, your relationships, new haircuts, places you went to and things you did as well as develop as a photographer.  And even better, if you print out your pictures at the end you have a chance to create a pretty cool photo wall.

2. Take a picture of your feet in interesting places: Try to document your time at university by taking a picture of your feet. It sounds crazy but you’re likely to go to some cool and interesting places whilst at university so why not try and take a picture of your feet (and your friends’ feet) to document them. You never know, the results could be cool and quirky especially if you turn them into a video like this one.

3. Take a picture of all your meals: What better way is there to document how your cooking improves (or doesn’t) than taking a picture of what your meals. If you’re not keen of taking pictures of what you make, just take pictures of meals other people make. And the great thing is about this is that it’s a great excuse to go out eat more all in the name of trying to take pictures of really good food.

Music, videos and everything else:

1. Monthly mixtapes: Music is a great way to trigger memories because more often than not, we associate a song with a certain time, place or person. So why not try to make a monthly mixtape with all the tracks you listened to during a certain month. Not only is a great way to keep track of how your music taste changes but it’s also a way to create a soundtrack to your life at university. You can create a playlist on spotify or just upload your tracks to 8track so you can always have the mixtape at hand to walk down memory lane or share the link with your friends.

2. Video Blogging aka Vlogging: If writing is not your thing then maybe you could try making daily video blogs instead and upload your videos to sites such as youtube or vimeo. Just like your round the mill blogging, vlogging gives you a chance to keep in touch with your family and better yet, you can have friends feature in some of your videos giving a chance to truly capture all your best university moments.

3. Scrapbook: If you’re artistically inclined, you could try making a scrapbook. Just like a journal, a scrapbook offers you the chance to  keep your thoughts, tickets and receipts in one place. And just like a journal, you don’t need access to the internet, just your memories and a scrapbook.


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