When The Sun Comes Out, So Does London


It’s true that we like to talk about the weather in England. Whatever it’s doing, it’s always a conversation starter, an awkward silence breaker and just a general point of interest.

This week the UK has had a heat wave and with temperatures reaching highs of 29°c in the capital, this was absolutely no fun. The tube was hot, it was sticky and crowded at the fresher’s fayre, old people were wearing next to nothing at the park, the endless list of negatives could go on and on.

But if you have nothing to do except lounge around and you have no money to spend (i.e. the average student life) this unexpected Indian summer is a great excuse just to be outside and stroll around one of the many parks in London and walk off that hangover.

My favourite park will always be Hyde Park, but if you’re walking from a Bloomsbury campus, Regent’s Park is in a really great location. Why not go to Camden Market in the morning and then shake of the hustle and bustle with a quiet stroll around nearby Regent’s Park?

Furthermore, if you’re ready to handle the climb (it’s steep if you’re not used to it) why not go to the top of Primrose Hill at Regent’s? At Primrose Hill you can see the beautiful London skyline and like many others who do it, bring a blanket, read a newspaper, drink wine and eat strawberries on the side of the hill.

The skyline seen from Primrose Hill, featuring: The Gherkin, St. Paul's Cathedral, The Shard

I recommend not going on a weekend, unless you adore crowds and also, keep an eye out for celebrities. Nearby Belsize Park and Hampstead is a haunt for A-listers, from Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter to Jude Law, they all live in the surrounding area.

Primrose Hill yesterday, a very busy sunny day! (October 2011)

Crowds lounging on Primrose Hill (October 2011)


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