The Famous Camden Special

Those who know me or follow me on twitter know that I love to talk about something called a ‘Camden Special’. I’m always pining after and dreaming of it. Any outsider who has been to Camden or knows of its reputation may think that I’m talking about some kind of 3 for 2 deal on skull tattoos, Dr. Martens and nipple piercings at Camden Market. But sadly no, that is definitely not what I am talking about. The Camden Special is a flavoured latte that a coffee shop on Camden Road called the ‘Camden Coffee House’ specialises in.

It is liquid heaven. The Camden Special is either white chocolate and amaretto or caramel and amaretto flavoured, it really depends which barista serves you. My favourite flavour is the latter, I can really tell the difference and it’s the one that I prefer. Nevertheless, both variations have a sweet, creamy taste. So if you like sugary, sweet things you are in luck with the Camden Special. This is definitely not the latte for strong coffee enthusiasts.

Best latte ever

The Camden Coffee House also sell a range of homemade cakes and biscuits: mostly muffins, cookies and doughnuts. Unlike Chewie’s, their food is not something they do best and there is not a lot of choice for cakes. However, for such great tasting reasonably priced coffee, it’s worth a visit just for a drink. There are plenty of other great places around Camden to go and eat! Although, I did have a blueberry cheesecake muffin that had a soft creamy centre and I did not regret buying it.

Blueberry Cheese Cake Muffin

The atmosphere at Camden Coffee House is friendly. The staff like to chat to customers as soon as they come through the door. They ask customers questions about their day and themselves, before even asking what they’d like to order. They also like to sing along to the radio! As for the space, it is a little cramped, but for a coffee house on Camden Road this isn’t surprising. The seating is arranged in an inviting way, with modern circular leather chairs that spin around and low tables, it’s a very relaxing and friendly environment to meet and lounge around with friends. There’s also free wifi and a bar with stools if you’re alone and just came to get away from chaotic Camden Town on a busy Saturday.

As for the search for best latte, I would give Camden Coffee House 5 stars. The latte is definitely the best I have had in London and I am a loyal customer.

Also worth a visit: There is a charity shop called ‘Mind in Camden’ about 2 doors down from Camden Coffee House that has 5 ginger cats roaming around freely inside the shop. If you like cats it’s a very cute place to visit, here are just some of the photos I have taken inside the shop:


One thought on “The Famous Camden Special

  1. That latte and muffin look absolutely delicious. Can’t wait to visit Camden and try out the Camden Coffee House and then take a leisurely browse around the cat’s charity shop.

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