Sunday Brunch at Lantana

Lantana, a café just off Goodge Street on Charlotte Place, serves an extremely delicious brunch.

It is one of the many Australian cafes in London that serve both great food and great coffee. Their coffee in fact is better than the food and the food is divine.

Bryonie had:

Grilled haloumi, roast truss tomatoes, sautéed baby spinach and poached eggs on toasted Turkish bread with herb pesto and a chai tea latte.

Bryonie’s friend, Stella, had:

Slow cooked Boston baked beans with organic pork belly, poached eggs, sautéed spinach and grilled cornbread and a flat white.

A sign of its popularity, Lantana was bursting with people this Sunday morning. We had to wait an hour to get seated but after a long bus ride, it was worth it just to wait and brave the queue. The service was in reasonable time, but it didn’t matter as the friendly Aussie staff were chatting away to us before even taking our drink orders.

The prices are also adequate; most meals with the exception of one are under £10.  For brunch in Central London and at this quality, it is definitely one of the cheapest best places to eat in London. No wonder it has won Timeout’s “best café/best brunch” 3 years running!

If you’re a student at a Bloomsbury based campus, the café is within walking distance and serves breakfast from 8am-11:30am on weekdays. If you have time to spare before or after a 9am lecture, visit Lantana. You will definitely not regret it (besides anything beats ULU’s breakfast!).


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