Top 10 Free Things to Do in London

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This may be your first year in London as a student or it may be your third, but by now you must know the streets to avoid for tourists and the places that get so busy and boring that you can’t bear to face them. Let’s be honest, Oxford Street and Covent Garden will never be as great as the first time you went. But sometimes the tourist attractions can look so appealing, especially if they’re free! So here are Those London Students’ pick of the top 10 free things you can do in London.

  1. Walk to the top of Primrose Hill. See the whole of the city skyline and maybe enjoy a glass of wine or two or for free, read an evening standard at the top of the hill. This is a quiet place to relax during weekdays, but be warned, it’s a very popular spot for similar minded locals on weekends.

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  2. Go to Brick Lane market (Sundays only). East London has a reputation for cool, new, hip and Brick Lane market is definitely the place to go if you want to feel old and out of place. Brick Lane has everything from food, vintage clothes, second hand books and arts and crafts. It’s a great place to go people watching or even just to browse quirky things you can’t afford.
  3. Visit the National Galleries at Trafalgar Square. If you don’t mind the tourist chaos of Trafalgar Square, why not soak up culture in some of the city’s best art galleries? But if you don’t know much about art, you can still get your cultural fix because both galleries hold free daily tours and talks.

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  4. Watch free films at Scoop (Summer only). A last minute discovery of Those London Students this summer was Scoop at More London Place (near London Bridge tube). Scoop is a free film festival that holds viewings of cult classics and new releases in an open amphitheatre. We were lucky enough to snag a seat at the very popular The King’s Speech. More information here.
  5. Go to a gig at Rough Trade East. Rough Trade East the record store in East London hosts instore gigs regularly for new artists and new album releases. To gain access to an instore gig you have to buy an album and receive a wristband. However, if all wristbands are not given away, an hour before the start of the gig wristbands will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. More info here.

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  6. Visit the Science and Natural History Museum in South Kensington. By far some of the best and most interactive museums that London has to offer, each have a free entry and can be just as fun as you make it (even if you’re just there to see the dinosaurs!).
  7. Go to a film premiere at Leicester Square. Watch the stars walk down the red carpet, maybe meet your favourite actor, who knows what will happen?
  8. Ride a Boris Bike for up to 30 minutes!Why not cycle around scenic Hyde Park for a change of atmosphere?

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  9. See some of the animals at London Zoo (Regent’s Park). In my first year of university, my main history lecturer told the class of a method of seeing London Zoo animals for free, as well as learning about the structure of canals (we were on a history trip at that point at the Canal Museum). There is a very sneaky way that involves walking along Regent’s Park canal. Further instructions can be found here.
  10. Watch someone make a speech at Speakers’ Corner (Hyde Park) or if you’re feeling confident, make one! Apparently Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx even made speeches there! (Every Sunday).

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