The Coolness bring cool to Proud

We finally got a chance to visit Proud and boy was it an experience. After the initial exclamations of “Oh! these are real stables!” and “Look at the ceiling!” and “7 quid for a double mixer, are you having a laugh?”, we were ready to off ourselves all thanks to two pretty boring bands. One was simply too loud to be enjoyable and the other too emo (we care very little about her heart below the floorboards thank you very much). We were ready to give up and count down the minutes to the DJ’s set when a band came on stage and salvaged the night.

The Coolness sauntered onto the stage with their swagger, energy and fun tracks. Hailing from Portsmouth the band didn’t look out of place in quirky Camden what with the lead singer rocking some pretty tight trousers (that showed off his family jewels which he repeatedly thrust at the audience, as you do) and the two female vocalists taking their clothes off during the performance of the aptly titled Take it Off.  Their set was fun and unforgettable that after the initial shock of their in your face attitude and lyrics, we were moving our hips and listening to their order of set yourself free. The Coolness most definitely got the party started that by the time they’d wrapped up their set the dance-floor was heaving with bodies and Proud was now definitely a cool place to be.


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