Tapped & Packed – Simple Coffee Without the Logos

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Tapped & Packed is a chain of coffee houses in Fitzrovia, on Tottenham Court Road and on Rathbone Place. They believe in good coffee and simplicity of design, which is why you could easily walk past this coffee house on Tottenham Court Road without really knowing what it is. The only signs are the one above the door, a bike that says “coffee”, and the number on the shop. In fact, I only found out the name of the coffee house myself through a friend!

A short walk for Bloomsbury based students, Tapped & Packed serve the usual types of coffee: latte, mocha and flat white, but they also serve affogato which is vanilla ice cream with a double shot of espresso. They also make various tasty looking homemade cakes, including a very risen looking victoria sponge today!

The Flat White

Each coffee is served with a different teaspoon, which is either a cute symbol or an emblem, in plain navy cups and saucers and with the brown sugar served in old golden syrup tins. Just as simple as the coffee is served, so too is the interior design of the shop. The only outlandish part is the tree trunk in the middle of the floor where the stirrers and extra sugar are.

At £2.40 for a flat white, Tapped & Packed is a stylish alternative for other coffee chains. But there are rarely any places to sit down, as the shop often gets quite crowded. In which case, you can either face sitting opposite a complete stranger or have your coffee to take away in a paper cup with the bike logo on.


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