Boiler Room

On Wednesday night I found myself wandering around Old Street, trying to find a corner where two streets met, a location we’d only been texted hours before. My friends and I managed to spot a hidden door in a warehouse where a few people had walked into; we assumed this was it.  Knocking on the door, a bouncer came out and said, “Yes?” and we replied: “Is this the er, Boiler Room?” He let us in.

Making our way downstairs, to a plain scruffy white painted basement room that was probably used for storage in the daytime, we’d made it to the secret invite only music event: the Boiler Room.

Facing the wall was a desk where Apple Macs, speakers, microphones, a camera ready to film, were all already set up.

After an announcement by the organiser everyone crowded around the desk to watch DJ Shadow, this week’s big deal, sample and mix tracks. He wasn’t facing us though, he played to the camera, whilst the event was live streamed over the internet to the Boiler Room’s facebook following.

Crowded, boiling hot, smoky and full of hipsters, the Boiler Room was a lot of fun and not as pretentious as I had imagined. You had to be connected to get in and on a list, no one was pretending to be anything.

The DJ sets are available to listen to and download via podcast at:


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