Gig Review: Kele at Electric Brixton (17/12/11)

Image from Soul Side Funk

Being a Bloc Party fan and a Kele fan are two separate things. Whilst you absolutely love Kele and his solo album, there’s a part of you that is praying that a: “for one night only, please welcome my band Bloc Party to the stage” moment happens.

But Bloc Party dreams aside, Kele, who came on dressed as a vicar, put on a really lively show. After what seemed like a lifetime when the unnamed support DJ played a 40-minute set of non-stop noise, Kele’s unusual get up was a joyous break from the sheer boredom of staring at gio-goi trousers for 40 minutes.

Photo by Stella Kattermann

Starting with On The Lam, Kele appeared shy and bashful at the glory he was receiving. Whilst fans were shouting their love for him, Kele smiled coyly and thanked them. Then he proceeded to look at the ceiling to regain confidence and to mentally prepare for the next song.

Electric Brixton was a smaller stage than Kele’s used to in his Bloc Party days, having played arenas around the world. But he danced and jumped around, tried on an audience member’s disco light-up gloves and hugged crowd surfers as angry security guards pulled them away.

Kele played an hour-long set with two encores and finished with This Modern Love by Bloc Party “for the old fans”. And were the grateful? Yes, they were. The whole of Brixton was jumping and shouting: “I’ll pay for you anytime”. For an old fan, the version was different but nice. It was played by keyboard instead of guitar by a man in a full silver suit, a ponytail and with blacked rim glasses that I nicknamed “Dr. Electro” because he really was the coolest man I have ever seen in my life. But not to say that Kele wasn’t just as cool, everyone shouted their love for him and it was difficult not to get carried away as he stood to the front row and we all reached out to touch him.


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