Let’s Go Ice Skating!

Image from benefit cosmetics blog

It was the last week of term, I’d just finished writing one of my last essays and I was bored out of my mind and definitely not in the Christmas spirit. After some quick googling I noticed that the Natural History Museum ice-rink had cheap student prices all day Monday-Tuesday. It was a Tuesday, so of course I wanted to go. I got there for the last session of the day, a 50-minute skate at 9pm.

Bryonie ice skating: "trying her best not to fall over"

Ice-skating can be really fun if you’re good at it or at least if you don’t fall over that often. For any one who wasn’t part of their primary school roller-blading gang, I recommend sticking to the edge until you get the hang of it. I’ve heard that falling over can be pretty painful and I won’t go into too much detail about what can happen to your fingers if you fall into the path of another skater – eurgh!

Ice-skating in South Kensington was very picturesque and the change in colour of the lights pointing at the Natural History Museum made it feel very disco. Especially as we were skating around to what seemed like Tom Jones’ entire back catalogue. (Never did get “It’s Not Unusual” out of my head.)

Next I’d like to go ice-skating at the Tower of London because for a history student medieval ice-skating really is an exciting idea.

Natural History Museum Ice-rink, all day Monday and Tuesday until 6 December, students can skate for £8.50 and get a free drink at the Café Bar. (Enjoy a mulled wine on the house!)


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