How to Survive Christmas Out of the Capital

Image from Cathy’s Life

For many, me included, the Christmas holidays couldn’t have come sooner. I really needed that break from the hectic end of term lifestyle which had essay deadlines looming, endless seminars I hadn’t prepared for in which I got eye ache from looking at my notebook with such thoughtful intensity every time the lecturer asked a question, and not to forget the spaghetti with tomato sauce diet I’d kept quite strictly to. It was nice to come home and to eat whatever I fancied because the supermarket doesn’t seem too much of an effort when you’re not the one going there. Oh and not to forget the luxury items my parent’s seem to be able to afford, like cheddar cheese for example. Who could have imagined cheese would be so expensive when they got to university?

But even though I love varied diets, central heating and hot water that actually comes on regularly, I still really miss London during these holidays. Especially because my hometown residence is a small-town in the middle of nowhere where it’s not unusual to be stuck behind a tractor when in traffic. If you too are feeling the Holiday-Away-From-London-Blues (there must be a catchier way to say that!) I have thought of a couple of tips to keep you occupied.

  1. So London – impress (or annoy) all your friends who go to university outside of London with your knowledge of the capital. Any story that starts: “This one time in Shoreditch” or “This one time in Camden” is probably great for confusing them. They’ll think you’re ever so cultured or like my friends from home, be utterly bewildered and say they heard Camden was a cool place.

2. Get Drunk – Ok maybe not. But if you really are that unhappy…

Image from The Adventures of Supermar

3. Cheesy Christmas  – why not make use of television access? Or free-reign of what to watch? And hey, the Doctor Who Christmas special is always set somewhere between London and Cardiff.

4. Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder – hoard things you need for the next year to take back with you. In my first year I managed to bring back almost twice the size of my original suitcase fill of rubbishy things that I didn’t need but made my hall room look lovely. For example, I bought a flowery door stump and matching milk jug that I put fake flowers in. It looked just lovely in my tiny, cramped room.  5. Take Up a Hobby – go running each day, learn to knit, teach yourself French grammar. (Who am I kidding? Just look at no. 3 again.)

6. Let Them Eat Cake – why not go all out and bake a really difficult cake, something that you’ve always wanted to try making. For me, the baked Alaska is a dessert I’ve always fancied trying to make. And if it’s really good you can always host a Come Dine With Me at uni and then out-do everyone with your fantastic dessert!

I hope some of these ideas have helped with your boredom or maybe at least reading this has wasted some time before an amazing Christmas dinner!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Those London Students. xx