Primrose Bakery – Kind of Overrated

Image from Lyn Harris's Little Black Book

If you love to bake and enjoy looking at new cookbooks in bookshops, you have probably heard of or come across the Primrose Bakery cookbook. In London you don’t even have to be in a bookshop to find it, they now sell it in Urban Outfitters. Imagine my disappointment to finally try a cupcake from this famous bakery, when after traipsing through the residential side of Primrose Hill, in reality it didn’t live up to the hype.

The interior is cute and girly, filled with Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma and 50s kitchen decor, it was like a home away from home for me. In fact instead of just buying a cake, one wall of the shop is dedicated to buying all kinds of girly merchandise. Including cupcake wrapping paper, Primrose Bakery tote bags, pencil cases and weird flavoured bubble gum. The half bakery, half Japanese-kitsch-shrine was a surreal experience when walking in for the first time.

Dying to taste one of their famous cupcakes I asked what flavours they had in today. About the most appetising for me was mocha. (As a coffee and cake fan, combining the two was genius!)

Mocha Cupcake

The cupcake was very disappointing. The icing was nice but the sponge was dry, crumbly and the texture didn’t appear freshly made. I wondered if this was one of yesterday’s batch that I had been given. As a pricey out of the way bakery I expected more from Primrose Bakery. I think in future I will buy my cupcakes from Chewie’s when I’m in the Primrose Hill area.

Primrose Bakery, 69 Gloucester Avenue, NW1. Nearest tube: Chalk Farm.


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