Pushing Boundaries: Drinking a Latte at Flat White

I’m sure whenever any one orders anything but a flat white at Flat White the baristas silently pass judgement and half-heartedly make your order. But that’s just what I did when I ordered my latte for TLS’s search for London’s Best Latte.


In the heart of Soho, Flat White is a chic Australian coffee house that attracts a mixed crowd of people – from businessmen in suits to trendy hipsters with pink dip-dye hair, you are guaranteed to have fun people watching in this place.

Flat White has a laidback approach to serving coffee and food. With food being served on quaint – out of place for such a modern coffee house – antique style plates, you are forced to rub shoulders with strangers and embrace the friendly Aussie confidence of chatting to anyone in the queue. Something as a Londoner I found surreal when an Aussie said to me: “Are you in the queue? Yes? Well, do you want to get in it then?!” It was a real culture shock on two accounts: a stranger in London actually speaking to you in a café and also as a Brit, being informed how to queue properly (cringe)!


But never mind my embarrassment, the latte, which was £2.50, was a lot stronger than I expected it to be. Made with Square Mile coffee, I’m informed by many coffee connoisseurs that along with Monmouth, Square Mile is London’s most rated coffee roast. So the latte was guaranteed to be up there with the best of them.

Flat White's Latte

Very bitter at first, I had to add quite a lot of sugar – something I have to do with Monmouth also – it tasted like how a real cup of coffee should. Even better, there was no disgusting after taste as some bitter coffees can give!


Although coffee aside, the real highlight of my visit was the brownie I had. Made in shop, the brownie was like nothing I have tasted before. It has a hard outer shell that crumbles at first bite, but with a smooth soft textured inside that stays solid. A little bit expensive at £2.50 – Flat White’s brownies are good for a treat after a tiring day of lectures.


Delicious Brownie on Quaint Plate


Flat White, 17 Berwick Street, Soho, W1F 0PT. Tip: Choose a less busy hour to go as there is very limited seating and it’s always full on weekends with people practically sitting on each other’s laps.


One thought on “Pushing Boundaries: Drinking a Latte at Flat White

  1. The brownies are amazing. I think they’ve changed the recipe recently because I’ve never tasted anything as good. And the coffee is pretty damn good to.

    I wouldn’t worry about having a latte at Flat White. Lattes are just as popular with the cool kids as flat whites in New Zealand and Australia. But if you’d ordered a cappuccino…

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