Fast Food With a Difference: The Effortlessly Cool MEATmarket

Image from @MeatMarketUK

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to a secret preview of the soon to be opening MEATmarket in Covent Garden. From the owners of my favourite, the popular MEATliquor, the restaurant is set to open in May.

In what used to be a Chinese restaurant, the relatively small space overlooks the Covent Garden Jubilee Market Hall where baffled tourists loom below picking up their glass bottle ornaments and overpriced London souvenirs.

MEATmarket is very different to the super busy MEATliquor restaurant with less seating and a fast-food restaurant approach. Instead of being served, you are given a number and after someone shouts it, your food is ready to pick up from the counter. Drinks are served in paper cups, there’s a bottomless soda fountain and food comes in paper bags.

Unlike any other fast-food restaurant, MEATmarket manages to enthuse the effortlessly cool atmosphere of MEATliquor with arty décor, 80s named cocktails and fridge magnets spelling out rude gestures.

My favourite new menu additions are: the poppaz and the Miami Vice cocktail. The poppaz are spicey jalapeno, cheese, breaded balls that are seriously addictive. The Miami Vice cocktail is a sort of pineapple daiquiri but frozen, like an alcoholic slush puppy.

The delicious poppaz and the amazing fries (not chips, fries!)

The incredible Miami Vice cocktail - ice cold but lethal

For meat eaters there are a few new additions to the menu like the Black Palace burger, the hotdog and the corndog. But as a vegetarian student – I was more than happy just to soak up the liquor and gorge on the poppaz.

Bound to be a popular place, MEATmarket is definitely one of the coolest places in London to get your fast-food binge on.

MEATmarket,, @MeatMarketUK, Jubilee Market Hall, Covent Garden.


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