Field Day 2012

Image from the 405

Village Mentality tent

Brass band tent

I have to admit that after trying big all weekend camping festivals like Reading Festival, I much prefer the rise of the new day festivals in London. Why? For one, it’s easier to walk about because they don’t take place on a farm in the middle of no where, instead it’s in one of London’s parks. They’re really easy to get to and from, as they are close to a tube/bus stop (no pestering your family to drive you down!). Ticket prices are generally a lot cheaper and more affordable. And finally, you don’t have to camp (hooray!) – meaning no smelly, disgusting strangers, or awkward conversations with your friends who should really make use of the communal showers.

This Jubilee weekend, despite the awful weather, I went to Field Day festival in Victoria Park, Hackney.

The main headliners this year were Franz Ferdinand who started their set with classics like “Michael” and “Do You Want To” before moving into new songs which weren’t as catchy and left the rain sodden crowd pretty bored.


Elsewhere, Grimes attracted a massive audience with a packed out tent and about 20 members of the press all basking in her electro glory. For such a small girl performing on such a big stage, she aimed to entertain the crowd by using a guy dressed in a furry shirt, Adidas shorts and a batman mask, who danced around wildly in the background. Grimes herself dressed appropriately for London by wearing all Boy London clothes – hat, leggings and shirt.

SBTRKT and Sampha

Andrew Bird

Dinosaur crowd surfer

Other bands I saw were: SBTRKT who managed to blow the power in the first minute of their set and subsequently played a very short but intense set, Friends, Andrew Bird and Beirut.

Swing carousel

My friend and me on the swing carousel

Whilst I didn’t see that many bands, I did get into the festival spirit by going on the carousel swing (I’m not sure of the proper name for it) and trying some of the van food. Having heard of Pizza Pilgrims before, I tried their very authentic stone oven baked pizza. But my favourite of all the food was the very sweet and sticky cotton candy from a fast food van. You can’t get better than cotton candy that is bigger than your head, can you?!

Pizza Pilgrims – mushroom and garlic

Massive Cotton Candy

Jubilee spirit


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