Afternoon Tea at Sketch

Birthday macaroons at Sketch

Last week my friend treated me to an afternoon tea at Sketch for my 20th birthday (yes, I’m officially no longer a teenager *sob*). As you may be able tell from my blog, I love any excuse to post pictures of cute looking food, and especially cakes, so I thought I’d share some of the pictures I took.

Boho furniture

Some light reading for our tea

We took our afternoon tea in The Glade room at Sketch. The room is supposed to be like an “enchanted fairy-tale forest”, with wooden furniture and green painted leafy walls. But to me it was like being in a luxury bohemian living room somewhere in Asia with low comfortable chairs that made it quite difficult to sit up and drink tea.

But enough with the decor of The Glade, the best part of an afternoon tea is of course the food!

Tea (earl grey my poison of choice), flavoured marshmallows and scones with citrus jam, butter and raspberry jam.

The delicately fresh warm sultana scone with raspberry jam

The cakestand of cakes and finger sandwiches was served separately to the scones, instead of your standard cakestand, this one was constructed out of butterfly mugs.

The cakestand of yummy goodness

The first layer – rose macaroons and rapsberry and pistachio mouse

The second layer – salted caramel, lemon tart, blueberry eclair and strawberry & pistachio boat

The third layer – asparagus & cucumber and egg mayonnaise finger sandwiches, and a cube of goats cheese

And now for some mouth-watering close ups…

The most adorable egg mayo sandwiches I have ever seen

Yummy strawberry boat set sail

Rose macaroon

Of course Sketch is a really cool place just to wonder around (if you have an excuse to be in there) which is why me and my friend spent almost 30 minutes taking photos and posing in the intergalactic toilets.

The toilets are capsules in which you shut your self in and a voice of a man talks to you and plays you the sound of birdsong. And the ceiling is in coloured tile. It’s absolutely wonderful.

The spacey toilets

The tiled ceiling

Neon sign near the door

Also interestingly they make the cleaners wear French maid uniforms. I feel very sorry for the one who was having to clean the very white and pristine toilets.

French maid

Sketch was definitely the best afternoon tea I’ve ever had. I’m already missing the scones.

Finally… Here’s me looking a little bit too happy with my Earl Grey

Sketch, 9 Conduit Street, W1S 2XG,, nearest tube: Oxford Circus.


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