Pretty In Pink at Film 4 Somerset House Summer Screening

Last week I went to Somerset House to see Pretty In Pink on a large screen outdoors. I’m a huge fan of John Hughes/Molly Ringwald partnerships, so as soon as I got wind of the Pretty In Pink showing as part of Film 4’s summer screening, I immediately snapped up a ticket.

Pretty In Pink is about as cool 80s as you can get. Yeah, ok, ‘cool 80s’ sounds like an oxymoron, but this film is every hipsters dream. Not only because the way the ‘cool’ students dress – with blazers, bowties, coloured waistcoats and raybans – but the soundtrack makes it like the (500) Days of Summer of its time. And don’t get me started on the scene where Jon Cryer pretends to be Otis Redding and starts miming and dancing to ‘Try a Little Tenderness’.

Andy and Duckie (Molly Ringwald & Jon Cryer)

Blaine and Andy (Andrew McCarthy and Molly Ringwald)

I’ve seen this film too many times to count. But the great thing about seeing it this time was that everyone around me was cheering and whooping at every climatic point. For example, when Duckie (Jon Cryer) got into a fight with the evil rich boy Steph, the atmosphere was wild. The crowd’s reaction felt like I was at a football match.

As for the whole film experience otherwise, the Film 4 crowd were a little weird. People brought actual knapsacks, pillows and duvets and laid out and fell asleep whilst the film was going on. It was like people prepared for a slumber party rather than an hour and half of film. It was the most infuriating thing when we were trying to find a space to sit down – as it was absolutely packed. Some people brought whole picnic baskets. And the worst of all, some people actually bought the disgusting liquid (after the free sample at the entrance) Somerset House were trying to pass off as wine.

The screen

The crowd

Now I shouldn’t complain, Film 4 had a really good line up of films this year (they were even showing Drive). But I have to say, when there’s places like Scoop at More London Place putting on film festivals during the summer for free, Somerset House kind of loses its novelty.

But it was definitely worth it to see this scene on a large screen:



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