Some Pictures of Prague

The Wallenstein gardens, near Malostranska

Roses in the rose garden on Petrin Hill

I thought I would make a quick post including some of the photos that I have taken in Prague over the past week. (This is mostly for my parents, who I am unable to email photos, as I have no internet in my hall room.)

View of Prague from small closed gardens

Prague architecture in district 1

Cute dogs ready to board the Petrin hill funicular

The John Lennon wall

I have just finished my first week of classes. I have a really awesome timetable. I have Mondays and Fridays off. I’ve also been lucky enough to be registered on all the courses I wanted to do. This term I am taking:

  • The Rise and Fall of Communism
  • Life and Culture Under a Totalitarian Regime
  • Defining Themes in Central-Eastern European Cinema
  • Prague as a Living History

Some of them are more work than others. Prague as a Living History is just a walking tour of Prague where the professor comes along and does onsite lectures. This week we were at Charles Bridge and some of the tourists started listening in, thinking that we were actually in a tour group and not in fact “in class”.

Charles Bridge: I took this picture in class

I thought UCL had some posh rooms, but this is what all the lecture rooms look like at my uni

As a matter of real interest for my blog (because I mostly blog about it), I have to confirm that I have already found the best coffee ever in Prague. Bakeshop Praha, in the Jewish Quarter, serves real Italian cappuccinos that remind me so much of Rome. Maybe it is a common thing for the Czech Republic to have good coffee, I don’t know. But I keep visiting this same place, as it’s the best coffee I have ever had – apart from when I was in Italy!

Chandeliers inside the senate

Locks near the John Lennon wall

A guard at the Prague Castle


2 thoughts on “Some Pictures of Prague

  1. Hi Bryonie, lovely pictures of Prague, what camera have you got. George having good time on travels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt now Munich. Hopes to go to Berlin and then visit Prague. Perhaps you can give him a tour.

    A. Chrissie x

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