Coffee the Czech Way: Cafe Louvre

The waiters still wear these uniforms

It’s about time I wrote a post about coffee again and Cafe Louvre, a grand cafe with a very Viennese feel to it feels like the perfect subject.

Cafe Louvre has an exciting history. It has been standing since 1902 and has had such notable visitors as Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein. But during the Communist period in Czechoslovakia in 1948, the cafe was closed down and only re-opened in 1992.

Despite a shakey existence, the cafe has a very authentic feel to it. The waiters still wear bow-ties and waistcoats, the interior is decorated with rich textured wallpapers and bright pinks and creams. Unfortunately, it’s also full of tourists (like me) who were gawping at every elegant little detail.

The interior

A very busy cafe!

The menu

Ever a sweet tooth, I ordered a dessert for lunch. I tried a “roll filled with mascarpone and strawberry” which was a swiss roll filled with mascarpone cheese and whole strawberries. On second revision of the menu, I should have gone for the sacher torte – which would have been very Viennese!

Mascarpone roll with strawberry

My friend had the blueberry cake on linz dough with homemade vanilla ice cream – I was allowed to try some, and it was delicious!

I decided to go all out on the coffee and tried their very own “grand cappuccino Louvre”, a very large cappuccino with the letter ‘L’ stenciled in chocolate powder. The coffee was nice and it really helped soothe the pains of a long week. But I’m pretty sure that once you drink a cappuccino in the best coffee house in the whole of Rome, you can’t go ever back.

Grand cappuccino Louvre

Whilst I loved this fancy, over the top cafe, I can’t help thinking it would have been nicer to be in a smaller place with more Praguers and less tourists. (But that’s probably my own fault!)

Nevertheless, I really liked these cute fancy touches:

Paper on the tables to make notes

An old style till

Finally, I also loved that my dessert and coffee came to around £3.64. Try and get that kind of over the top service, atmosphere, and food in London for under £10, let alone £5!

Cafe Louvre, Národní 22, Praha 1, 110 00,


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