A Bit of a Change from London: Hiking in Bohemian Switzerland

The river labe at Hrensko

We stayed in Decin, but then went across the German border to Dresden for a day trip

I thought hiking sounded like a lot of fun as I have never been before, and I wanted to check out a place no where near Switzerland, but apparently looks a lot like it. Bohemian Switzerland is a huge national park on the border of the Czech Republic and Germany. The hikes were absolutely breathtaking – so peaceful (with only the sound of birds), fresh air, an abundance of greenery and only a little bit of rain – it was perfect!

Being so used to just lots of city walking, I wasn’t in the best shape to scale steep cliffs, slip on muddy tree branches, hold onto only mossy rocks for support – it was kind of weird. Thank god I do actually own a pair of trainers!

Luckily I didn’t break any limbs, but they are very sore from a lot of walking. 😦

(Prepare for lots of photos.)

Here are some pictures from the hikes:

Hiking trails are marked on trees with paint

We also got to see the famous rock bridge which is one of the main sites there. It is called ‘Pravčická brána’ in Czech and is the largest naturally formed rock arch in Europe.

Pravčická brána

There are also lots of other massive rocks too!

But I think my favourite trails were along the river in the mossy, green areas

There were also lots of mushrooms:

Like these very typical mushrooms which I have never seen in real life, only in drawings

And very strange mushrooms growing out of trees!

Finally, as it was winter, the site of logs already chopped was very common. I also got to see people in their gardens chopping wood! It was very exciting, as I have never seen it – only in films. So I took a ton of photos of logs.

Our hostel which was opposite Děčín’s main train station, was really cheap – about £12 for 2 nights stay. The place also looked like a hotel and we had our own private bathroom and shared a room between just the four of us. It was very nice!

Hostel Děčín

I hope you liked my photos of Bohemian Switzerland. I also went to Dresden for the whole day on Saturday, but I will post my photos from there next week. 🙂


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