Trip to Mělník, Czech Republic

I went to Mělník!

Mělník town centre – pretty buzzin’ on a Saturday afternoon!

The best thing about Erasmus and actually being in Europe (English people don’t really consider themselves European because of the gap of water), is the easy ability to travel. But before I start traveling wider Europe, I thought I’d check out some of the Czech Republic’s other towns and cities. My first trip was to Mělník, which is in the centre of the region called ‘Bohemia’ and North of Prague.

Mělník is a very small, sleepy town. People travel to see the bone chapel there which is a full of the bones of black plague victims from a mass grave in the town. The bones are arranged into crosses, anchors and hearts.

Bones! Ahh!

Bones making an arch

Some of the skulls are not facing towards us, this is because some scientist said they were Germanic and so didn’t want them outward facing. The ones in the picture above (facing us) are supposedly Czech.

There was also graffiti from 1535 – which as a history student I thought was just about the coolest thing ever.

Graffiti from 1535 – reads: “Slaup from Zlautice was here 1535”

Another thing to see in Mělník was the castle which was really just a big estate that the Lobkowicz family owned. They had some very interesting drawings from the 18th Century of major European cities. I didn’t recognise anything of London really. I found Venice more familiar. Unfortunately, they don’t allow you to take photos in their home.

We also had a tour of their wine cellar which was 3 floors deep into the basement. We got to try white wine, red and rose. My favourite was the white which tasted very crisp. Funny enough, the wine was actually cheaper to buy in a bottle from the vineyard itself than to buy a bottle of echo falls from Tesco in England! Crazy.


We also walked to the meeting of the two rivers, the other major site in Mělník. This was the meeting of the Labe and Vltava.

Meeting rivers!

It was a very windy day, and I ended up doing my Marilyn Monroe impersonation without meaning to.

This weekend I went hiking in Bohemian Switzerland on the border of Germany and had a city break in Dresden. I took lots of amazing nature photos that I cannot wait to upload.


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