Not Your Usual Ice Cream Parlour: Chin Chin Labs

It’s the perfect temperature in London for an ice cream. But wanting something a little bit different after a holiday of non-stop gelato eating in Rome, I wondered if London could offer up the goods.

I couldn’t have been more intrigued by Chin Chin Laboratorists slogan: “Europe’s First Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Parlour” and just had to give it a try.

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Army Crawling Under Fences and Bourbon Shots at Spuntino

This Saturday night I was running late to meet my friend. After running to the tube station and catching the tube just before it left, I suddenly became aware of how drunk everyone around me was. Sitting next to Black Swans, I listened to humorous, what can only be described as, playground chanting-tube singing, and then watching people attempt to pole dance on the tube, I finally after 10 minutes late reached my destination. I was going to someone I don’t knows house party. We stayed for 20 minutes because we were very bored and felt quite out of place knowing zero people, we wanted to leave quickly, so sneaked out and didn’t even say bye (rude, I know!).

But what we didn’t realise is that the exit is locked and you needed a key to get out.

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The Coolness bring cool to Proud

We finally got a chance to visit Proud and boy was it an experience. After the initial exclamations of “Oh! these are real stables!” and “Look at the ceiling!” and “7 quid for a double mixer, are you having a laugh?”, we were ready to off ourselves all thanks to two pretty boring bands. One was simply too loud to be enjoyable and the other too emo (we care very little about her heart below the floorboards thank you very much). We were ready to give up and count down the minutes to the DJ’s set when a band came on stage and salvaged the night.

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Gig Review: Cut Copy at the Roundhouse

Image from Cut Copy's Facebook

After a world tour of their debut album Zonoscope (2011), the electro-pop playing graphic designers, Cut Copy, came back to London to play at the Roundhouse. This was my second time seeing Cut Copy in less than a year, which gave me an ideal opportunity to compare with their gig at the HMV Forum. A major distinction was that the set was less theatrical than the HMV forum gig in which they came out of a giant door that remained centre stage throughout the gig.

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The Famous Camden Special

Those who know me or follow me on twitter know that I love to talk about something called a ‘Camden Special’. I’m always pining after and dreaming of it. Any outsider who has been to Camden or knows of its reputation may think that I’m talking about some kind of 3 for 2 deal on skull tattoos, Dr. Martens and nipple piercings at Camden Market. But sadly no, that is definitely not what I am talking about. The Camden Special is a flavoured latte that a coffee shop on Camden Road called the ‘Camden Coffee House’ specialises in.

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How I Got A Food Coma

A student problem: too tired to go food shopping, the supermarket is up a hill, you’re too sweet to “borrow” a trolley and food is too heavy to carry uphill on your back and besides, the last time you did that you got muscle cramp in your shoulder that lasted for days afterwards.

A student solution: go out for breakfast, of course! But be sensible, eat cheap and eat well so you can stock up before having to go out again in search of food.

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