Primrose Bakery – Kind of Overrated

Image from Lyn Harris's Little Black Book

If you love to bake and enjoy looking at new cookbooks in bookshops, you have probably heard of or come across the Primrose Bakery cookbook. In London you don’t even have to be in a bookshop to find it, they now sell it in Urban Outfitters. Imagine my disappointment to finally try a cupcake from this famous bakery, when after traipsing through the residential side of Primrose Hill, in reality it didn’t live up to the hype.

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Chewie’s – A Strong Contender for London’s Best Latte!

This is Chewie’s, a café on Haverstock Hill, Belsize Park that serves coffee, tea, organic food and salads and lots of delicious homemade cakes! Most importantly, they make really great tasting coffee. It’s a friendly, spacious café with an abundance of seating and an open garden; it has reasonable prices and great looking food.

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