Just Outside of Prague: The UNESCO City of Kutna Hora

A coat of arms made out of bones

A coat of arms made out of bones

Kutna Hora is a small city located an hour from Prague by train. Trains run everyday back and forth from Prague main train station to Kutna Hora, return for less than £10.

The city itself has become a UNESCO World Heritage site. But it’s best known for it’s bone chapel, the Sedlec Ossuary, which is located 10 minutes from the city centre. The chapel is reasonable priced, for students it’s only 70 crowns entry, including a ticket to see another cathedral nearby (that’s only £2.30 for 2 entrances!). But it’s very creepy.

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A Bit of a Change from London: Hiking in Bohemian Switzerland

The river labe at Hrensko

We stayed in Decin, but then went across the German border to Dresden for a day trip

I thought hiking sounded like a lot of fun as I have never been before, and I wanted to check out a place no where near Switzerland, but apparently looks a lot like it. Bohemian Switzerland is a huge national park on the border of the Czech Republic and Germany. The hikes were absolutely breathtaking – so peaceful (with only the sound of birds), fresh air, an abundance of greenery and only a little bit of rain – it was perfect!

Being so used to just lots of city walking, I wasn’t in the best shape to scale steep cliffs, slip on muddy tree branches, hold onto only mossy rocks for support – it was kind of weird. Thank god I do actually own a pair of trainers!

Luckily I didn’t break any limbs, but they are very sore from a lot of walking. 😦

(Prepare for lots of photos.)

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Trip to Mělník, Czech Republic

I went to Mělník!

Mělník town centre – pretty buzzin’ on a Saturday afternoon!

The best thing about Erasmus and actually being in Europe (English people don’t really consider themselves European because of the gap of water), is the easy ability to travel. But before I start traveling wider Europe, I thought I’d check out some of the Czech Republic’s other towns and cities. My first trip was to Mělník, which is in the centre of the region called ‘Bohemia’ and North of Prague.

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