Dinner at Mildreds

Dreading the heat of a hot stove thanks to the Indian Summer London is currently experiencing, we decided to check out Mildreds, a vegetarian restaurant that offers delicious internationally inspired food that can satisfy anyone, vegetarian and meat-eater alike. With a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and quick service as well as reasonable prices (a tenner can get you a main and a drink, or better yet a light meal and dessert) it was most definitely worth the trip to SoHo. Continue reading


How I Got A Food Coma

A student problem: too tired to go food shopping, the supermarket is up a hill, you’re too sweet to “borrow” a trolley and food is too heavy to carry uphill on your back and besides, the last time you did that you got muscle cramp in your shoulder that lasted for days afterwards.

A student solution: go out for breakfast, of course! But be sensible, eat cheap and eat well so you can stock up before having to go out again in search of food.

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