Tip: Shoreditch Cafe Ideal for Studying/Wasting Revision Time

The entrance. Source: http://thisbatteredsuitcase.com

The entrance. Source: http://thisbatteredsuitcase.com

On Sunday I went to a cafe called ‘Ziferblat’ close to Old Street station, it’s not very new but it’s also not very busy. It’s inside a flat just off Shoreditch High Street and you ring a buzzer to get in.

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Coffee at Hurwundeki

The garage exterior of Hurwundeki

Cafe and a salon

Hurwundeki, a cafe in Bethnal Green, instantly sparked my curiosity when wandering around the area. Surprisingly situated between car repair garages and discount furniture outlets, the cafe is like a hidden gem in an otherwise lifeless road.

Just like its mixed-matched location, the cafe also sells vintage clothing, is part hair salon, specialises in Korean food, and has an array of what looks like a children’s junkyard playground outside, complete with toy horses and a Cinderella inspired pumpkin coach.

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Field Day 2012

Image from the 405

Village Mentality tent

Brass band tent

I have to admit that after trying big all weekend camping festivals like Reading Festival, I much prefer the rise of the new day festivals in London. Why? For one, it’s easier to walk about because they don’t take place on a farm in the middle of no where, instead it’s in one of London’s parks. They’re really easy to get to and from, as they are close to a tube/bus stop (no pestering your family to drive you down!). Ticket prices are generally a lot cheaper and more affordable. And finally, you don’t have to camp (hooray!) – meaning no smelly, disgusting strangers, or awkward conversations with your friends who should really make use of the communal showers.

This Jubilee weekend, despite the awful weather, I went to Field Day festival in Victoria Park, Hackney.

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How to Spot a Hipster in 5 Easy Steps

What is a Hipster?

Hipster (noun) definition: Definitions are too mainstream. Hipsters can’t be defined because then they would fit into a category, and thus be too mainstream.

But if they cannot be defined, how are we supposed to spot one? Well, TLS is hoping to point you in the right direction if you want to fake it in London.

As one of the most upcoming stereotypes and categories of people in modern society (yes, they do in fact fit into a category), hipsters are beginning to be seen everywhere in popular culture. Just think about all those indie style bands in the charts at the moment. Look at their haircuts. Look at their clothes. Take One Direction for example (even though no one ever should), it clearly wasn’t their mother’s idea for them to have floppy messy hair and wear skinny jeans that reduce any hope of future grandkids. Instead their stylists are trying to recreate the cool “hipster” look that is central to London’s East End.

London is a city that has always been fashion forward and setting the trends for other cities. That’s why no one does hipster like East London.

Here’s my 5 easy ways to spot a true hipster in London:

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Boiler Room

On Wednesday night I found myself wandering around Old Street, trying to find a corner where two streets met, a location we’d only been texted hours before. My friends and I managed to spot a hidden door in a warehouse where a few people had walked into; we assumed this was it.  Knocking on the door, a bouncer came out and said, “Yes?” and we replied: “Is this the er, Boiler Room?” He let us in.

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Top 10 Free Things to Do in London

Image from info barrel

This may be your first year in London as a student or it may be your third, but by now you must know the streets to avoid for tourists and the places that get so busy and boring that you can’t bear to face them. Let’s be honest, Oxford Street and Covent Garden will never be as great as the first time you went. But sometimes the tourist attractions can look so appealing, especially if they’re free! So here are Those London Students’ pick of the top 10 free things you can do in London.

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