Top 10 Free Things to Do in London

Image from info barrel

This may be your first year in London as a student or it may be your third, but by now you must know the streets to avoid for tourists and the places that get so busy and boring that you can’t bear to face them. Let’s be honest, Oxford Street and Covent Garden will never be as great as the first time you went. But sometimes the tourist attractions can look so appealing, especially if they’re free! So here are Those London Students’ pick of the top 10 free things you can do in London.

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When The Sun Comes Out, So Does London


It’s true that we like to talk about the weather in England. Whatever it’s doing, it’s always a conversation starter, an awkward silence breaker and just a general point of interest.

This week the UK has had a heat wave and with temperatures reaching highs of 29°c in the capital, this was absolutely no fun. The tube was hot, it was sticky and crowded at the fresher’s fayre, old people were wearing next to nothing at the park, the endless list of negatives could go on and on.

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