I want to move to Budapest

St. Stephen’s Basilica

The biggest synagogue in Central Europe

London has a rival: Budapest. Everything I love about London, I found in the capital of Hungary. Great coffee (including flat whites), a ton of vintage clothing shops, houmous, restaurants that do brunch, the use of Time Out, and beautiful huge city parks. I’m in love.

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Pushing Boundaries: Drinking a Latte at Flat White

I’m sure whenever any one orders anything but a flat white at Flat White the baristas silently pass judgement and half-heartedly make your order. But that’s just what I did when I ordered my latte for TLS’s search for London’s Best Latte.


In the heart of Soho, Flat White is a chic Australian coffee house that attracts a mixed crowd of people – from businessmen in suits to trendy hipsters with pink dip-dye hair, you are guaranteed to have fun people watching in this place.

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