Latte at Lanka

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Lanka is a Japanese café and coffee shop near Primrose Hill, on Regent’s Park Road. It has a stylish interior, with a brick wall and bar for customers to sit at, including bamboo placemats that give the café an authentic Japanese feel. Japanese gourmet chef Masayuki Hara owns Lanka. I saw Hara today walking around the café chatting to customers about new cakes that he was making, he seems like a chatty guy but as it was my first time and I knew nothing of his food, I just watched in awe as regular customers made friendly comments about his past cakes and creations. Continue reading


The Famous Camden Special

Those who know me or follow me on twitter know that I love to talk about something called a ‘Camden Special’. I’m always pining after and dreaming of it. Any outsider who has been to Camden or knows of its reputation may think that I’m talking about some kind of 3 for 2 deal on skull tattoos, Dr. Martens and nipple piercings at Camden Market. But sadly no, that is definitely not what I am talking about. The Camden Special is a flavoured latte that a coffee shop on Camden Road called the ‘Camden Coffee House’ specialises in.

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Search for London’s Best Latte

Image from Hot Fresh Pics (blogspot)

My favourite thing to do in London is drink coffee in one of the many coffee houses we have. It is a student essential during term time and I have been known to live on the stuff when essay deadlines have been looming (despite ending up in a shaky, zombie like state staring at words like ‘de-stalinization’ and pondering on the meaning of life).

So I am going to combine my love of coffee and London into a search for Those London Students (TLS). I will be searching for London’s best latte. Why latte? They’re flavoured, easy to drink and my favourite type of coffee!

To narrow the search down, the latte will need to be:

  • Under £5 (large size)
  • Not from a mainstream coffee house (i.e. Starbucks, Cafe Nero, Costa).
  • Flavoured (because it’s better!)
  • In Central London (zones 1-3)

I’ll be starting the search in Camden Town before moving onto other areas. If I end up with a caffeine addiction, it will certainly be worth it.