Summer’s Outdoor Drinking at The Filling Station (KXFS)

The Filling Station, just off York Way

Regent’s Canal and the duck made out of plastic rubbish

I’m sure like many Londoners I’m more excited about the sudden return of summer, rather than the start of the Olympics at the end of this week.

I can already feel myself silently judging the increase of tourists on the tube and their strange ways. Never stranger than when they start asking for directions and talking to people they have never met before on the tube. People talking to each other on the tube? WHAT?!

But in a bid to avoid the newly mass crowds surrounding Oxford Circus, Leicester Square and pretty much anywhere Central… I have been sticking to hidden gems that only the in-the-know Londoners know about.

That’s why when my best friend told me about a secret, practically empty, pop-up bar and restaurant next to Regent’s Canal in an ex-petrol station, I insisted that we had to go that very night.

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When The Sun Comes Out, So Does London


It’s true that we like to talk about the weather in England. Whatever it’s doing, it’s always a conversation starter, an awkward silence breaker and just a general point of interest.

This week the UK has had a heat wave and with temperatures reaching highs of 29°c in the capital, this was absolutely no fun. The tube was hot, it was sticky and crowded at the fresher’s fayre, old people were wearing next to nothing at the park, the endless list of negatives could go on and on.

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