Best Places for Dessert in London

The Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich from Spuntino, 61 Rupert Street, nearest tube: Leicester Sq.

Dessert is definitely my favourite part of a meal and sometimes, my only part. I’m a firm believer in never eating too much so that you’re too full for dessert. As many of the great restaurants in London often have their dessert menus over-looked by about to burst customers, I’m going to share with you which restaurants have the best desserts I’ve tried.

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Army Crawling Under Fences and Bourbon Shots at Spuntino

This Saturday night I was running late to meet my friend. After running to the tube station and catching the tube just before it left, I suddenly became aware of how drunk everyone around me was. Sitting next to Black Swans, I listened to humorous, what can only be described as, playground chanting-tube singing, and then watching people attempt to pole dance on the tube, I finally after 10 minutes late reached my destination. I was going to someone I don’t knows house party. We stayed for 20 minutes because we were very bored and felt quite out of place knowing zero people, we wanted to leave quickly, so sneaked out and didn’t even say bye (rude, I know!).

But what we didn’t realise is that the exit is locked and you needed a key to get out.

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