Keeping Happy and Healthy Whilst at University

I’m not sure this apple will make my reading go any quicker… maybe I need some chocolate instead.

University is a great time of your life, but with such a limited budget and time away from your degree to spare, it might also mean that you end up forgetting healthy eating and exercise.

In my first year of university I didn’t really care about either. I was just focused on grades/having a social life. (And I guess with a blog mostly about eating cake and burgers, I’m not exactly that bothered now!) I am of the mindset that as long as you are happy with your body and you feel healthy, then you are absolutely fine and don’t need to change a thing. However, it’s not just about the outside, but also about how you feel psychologically. Nowadays many students suffer from depression and other mental health disorders at some point in their academic career (about 1 in 4 UK adults are diagnosed with a mental health issue in any one year), and that number is increased when living with the day to day pressures of a big city like London. Thus, making a few adjustments to your lifestyle may make you feel a lot better. Here’s some of my tips on how to stay healthy/happy whilst at university:

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Is University The Best Time of Your Life? No!

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            University is depicted in modern culture as the gateway to personal discovery and development. Never again in your life will you have as much freedom and opportunity bestowed upon you as there is right now. Unless you truly have spent all your money on alcohol, you are living in comfortable squalor. The space for self discovery is wide open – you can enrich your studies with extra-curricular sports and activities, you can debate the intricate matters of the universe with your peers at the pub and you can even find time to learn a new language. University sounds amazing.

But is it really? Unless you truly do possess super powers, university is not a place where you can have your cake and eat it too.

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How to Survive a Seminar You Haven’t Prepared For

It’s 10pm, you’ve just looked at your reading for tomorrow morning’s 10am lecture and it’s a huge list of books, articles and online journals that equate to more than 100 pages worth of reading. What do you do? You need to sleep, you’re tired and you just can’t be bothered! Or maybe you have tried, but cannot comprehend the writing and it’s getting really late.

As experts in procrastination and not getting all the reading done on time, we at Those London Students are here to help you out of this mess.

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